72 x 18 Inch Rectangle Folding Banquet Table

72 x 18 Inch Rectangle Folding Banquet Table

    • Actual Size: 72 x 18
    • Age Group: All Ages

    • $18.00
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72″x18″ Rectangle “Heavy Duty” Plywood Folding Banquet Table

An ideal plywood table for seminar and training events which will provide the return on investment that increases your profitability — the perfect size, 72 x 18. The 18-inch-top surface is thinner than the standard 30” width — often referred to as a seminar table, training table, conference table or classroom table. Can be use for guest seating — customary for people to sit only on one side (Seats up to 3 adults; 3 on one side). This table can also be used a back bar or utility table for events.

** Tables are frequently used in outdoor events, it is HIGHLY recommended that you add on table linens **

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