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Dry Bar


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We are not here to say it has to remain a Dry Bar Rental, but we don't have a liquor license.  We offer this Dry Bar Rental as shown.  There is an upper level where the drinks can be served and a lower level that can be behind the bar where drinks or other concession machines are located or you can flip it around and offer a place where people can put their condiments for say a hot dog stand.  This table can be set up any way you please that will suit your needs.  There aren't any rules to the Dry Bar Rental, it is up to you and your imagination on how it could work for you.  A Dry Bar Rental would be perfect for some that are doing flea markets or craft shows as well in the area.  This table could display things perfectly, depending on how you set it up.  While we do offer this amazing Dry Bar Rental we also offer other amazing rental options as well. If you are looking to throw a party, then you certainly have come to the right place. Our dry bar rental is only one of many party rentals we have to choose from.

"Imagine the possibilities when you choose our Dry Bar Rental for your event. Picture a vibrant flea market where your crafts stand out on the meticulously arranged Dry Bar, drawing in curious customers. At a craft show, use the upper level to showcase your artistic creations while the lower level houses essential supplies or acts as a transaction space.

The adaptability of our Dry Bar is truly limited only by your creativity. For those planning parties, the Dry Bar becomes a focal point for serving drinks or displaying appetizers. The option to flip it around to accommodate concession machines or create a condiment station for a hot dog stand adds an extra layer of versatility.

Your event isn't confined by traditional setups; instead, it becomes a canvas for your unique ideas to flourish. We understand the importance of a clean and safe environment for your guests. Our commitment to hygiene is unwavering – after each use, our Dry Bar Rentals undergo a thorough cleaning and sanitization process. This ensures that you and your guests can focus on enjoying the event without any concerns. The convenience we offer extends beyond cleanliness. We take care of the logistics, delivering and setting up the Dry Bar at your chosen location. Whether it's a backyard party, a community event, or a corporate function, you just need to tell us where, and we'll handle the rest.

But our Dry Bar Rental is just the beginning. Explore our extensive range of party rentals to complement your vision. From tents and seating arrangements to entertainment options, we have everything to turn your event into a seamless and memorable experience.

So, why settle for the ordinary when you can elevate your event with our extraordinary Dry Bar Rental? Your vision, combined with our versatile services, creates a winning formula for a successful and stress-free celebration. Ready to get your party started? Call us now, and let's turn your ideas into reality!"


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