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Inflatable Slam Dunk Challenge

Inflatable Slam Dunk Challenge


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Next Morning Pickup $315.00
Fri 4pm to Sun 3pm $383.50

Setup Area: 30'x24'x14'

Actual Size: 27x21x12

Outlets: 2

Age Group: All Ages


Inflatable Slam Dunk Challenge rental is a fun and challenging basketball style game.  While making a slam dunk on a real basketball court might be a challenge, there is a little extra given when your floor is a bounce house material.  You now can soar through the air and read the hoop to slam dunk that basketball.  This game adds a little more fun, as the floor is like a bounce with an air pad on the bottom.  This air pad can make it a bit of a challenge to walk from time to time.  If you are looking for interactive games that will challenge your guests as well as be a little fun, then you are looking for an inflatable slam dunk challenge.  This game is super fun for kids as well as adults.  It is perfect for team building as you don't necessarily have to slam dunk the ball.  You can stand at the edge and throw it as well.  Make up your own rules and have fun with it.  This isn't the NBA, this is a fun inflatable.  While many people can be super serious about their basketball, when it comes to a basketball inflatable, live a little.  Give up those crazy rules and figure out some of your own.  There are no rules, it is your party and you can do as you please.This is a high energy fast-paced inflatable rental game that is super fun for guests.  It works great for those larger parties or the backyard birthday parties that are sports themed.  We provide rentals for any size party. Water slide Rentals are great add on like Marble Double Lane Waterslide.....



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