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Inflatable100ft Long Zorb Track

Inflatable100ft Long  Zorb Track


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Inflatable 100 ft Long Zorb Track that allows you to be a human hamster Rental!! Gear up and get into the Zorb ball Rental that you can use to roll around the track.  Many kids love the zorbs and this is a fun event that is a great addition to any party.  We offer an inflatable 100ft Long Zorb Track that allows kids and adults to have a little zorb fun.  These zorbs are really unbelievable and the kids walk away with a huge smile.  While zorbs are super fun, some people want more than just an inflatable zorb track.  We are happy to take the time to show you some of our other products if you'd like.We have been in the party rental industry for many years.  Our party rentals have been set up at community events, backyard parties, schools, and churches.  We deliver all of our rentals to their respective parties.  When you are finished or if you know when you are going to be finished, we will be back by to pick it up.  All of our units are sanitized and stored in our large storage facility.  We work hard to impress our clients and go above and beyond their expectations.  This is supposed to be a day of fun and not stress.  Our guys will show up before your event and set everything up for you.  All the units will look exactly as you imagined as we take great care and have great pride in the look of our party rentals.  It is important to us that they stay clean and look presentable.  


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