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1 day rental $299.00
2 day rental $388.70

Setup Area: 25'x25'

Actual Size: 22'x22'x5'

Monitors: 1

Outlets: 1

Age Group: All Ages


Joust rental is a simple concept. Two people stand on the pedestals and use these jousting sticks to poke at each other to try to get them to fall off. While this seems like a pretty simple concept, it can get quite hilarious.  Falling off those pedestals is easy for some that don't have a good balance.  If you have a balancing issue then this game might not be for you.  However, if you like a good challenge then you need to try our joust rental.  The jousts are soft, so they are not going to injury anyone. The idea is to have a good time with all of our party rentals.  We want everyone to have fun.  Should you get tired of jousting, this is similar to any bounce house floor, where you still can bounce and jump as well.  American Gladiators was the first time we saw something like this.  And, the concept stuck.  People loved watching others try to get their opponents off their pedestals as well.   This inflatable is 20' x 20', so be sure that you have a nice flat spot about that size in order to rent.  We work with people with small backyard events as well as large commercial operations.  We have set up in schools and churches and also have done larger community events.  Our rental company is licensed and insured and everything is state inspected as needed.  We are not some guy in a truck, but a professional party rental company.  Call today and let's get your party rentals booked. 


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