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Log Jammer Game

Log Jammer Game


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Setup Area: 20 x 20

Actual Size: 18 x 18

Monitors: 1

Outlets: 2


The log jammer game is a game of balance.  The idea is to have each player stand on a log like a platform.  While they stand there will be a log in the center that will start to go around and around trying to knock the players off.  The last player standing wins.  This is a fun addition as people love to not only play but cheer for their best friends.  We work with large and small carnivals to bring the fun to just about any size party.  Your guests are going to have a great time with the log jammer game and we are certain that you will love your choice. If you are looking for something a bit unique and yet a little challenging then the log jammer game is perfect for you.  

We have been in the party industry for a long time and have set up many parties along the way.  If you can't find the party rental you are looking for, ask! We have so many different party rentals to choose from and such a huge selection. Our goal is to have something for everyone.  We work our party rental business in the Orlando Florida area.  Should you live near or in Orlando and are looking to have a great time, we are here to help.  Give us a call and let us know what you are looking to do.  We work with homeowners as well as event staff to get your carnival or inflatable rental delivered and set up for you, you never have to lift a finger.

Setting up parties must be quite an adventure! The log jammer game seems like it brings a unique and exciting element to any event. I can imagine the cheers and laughter as friends try to outbalance each other on those spinning logs. It's these kinds of interactive and dynamic games that create lasting memories for people.

Your commitment to having something for everyone is commendable. The variety of party rentals you offer must make you the go-to source for all kinds of events. From small backyard gatherings to large-scale carnivals, it sounds like you've got it all covered. I'm curious, what other unique party rentals do you have in your arsenal? Any personal favorites or ones that consistently steal the show? Working in the Orlando area must be fantastic. The vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of events happening there make it an ideal place for a party business. Plus, with your willingness to work with both homeowners and event staff, it seems like you've got a customer-centric approach.

Taking care of the delivery and setup allows people to focus on enjoying the festivities without any hassle. I can't help but wonder if there's a particularly memorable event or a standout moment that comes to mind. Maybe a party where everything just clicked, and the log jammer game stole the spotlight? And hey, if someone can't find the party rental they're looking for, you're ready to step in and make it happen. That level of dedication is sure to leave a lasting impression on your clients. Overall, your commitment to providing a diverse range of options for a good time is admirable. It sounds like you're not just in the party business; you're in the business of creating unforgettable experiences. Here's to more log jamming adventures and countless smiles at future events!



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