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Photo booth rental is a wonderful addition to capture the moments that happen at your next party or dance.  Photo booth rentals are a great addition to any formal dance as the girls always want their pictures taken of each other.  Our photo booth will need wifi to hook up in order for guests to share their photos with their own social media.  We have had many parties enjoy our photo booth rental and we are certain that you will love it as well.  Our photo booth rental is perfect for weddings as the guests can take fun pictures for the bride and groom to remember.  All the photos are saved onto a thumb drive and yours to keep.

The photo booth rental doesn't just bring along a phone booth to your party, but props too!  Props are fun to add to the photos as well as filters that are on the photobooth software. If you have a cell phone, you can certainly figure out how to run the photo booth as it is very similar to a cell phone.  Go ahead and add another element to your carnival and add a photo booth rental.  

We not only offer photo booth rentals but have party rentals of all kinds.  Our party rentals are professionally cared for, cleaned, and sanitized before they go out.  Safety is our number one concern, which is why we inspect at each set up as well as when we tear down.  We want everything to be perfect.

 Creating lasting memories is what we excel at, and our photo booth rental is designed to be a focal point for capturing the essence of any event. Whether it's the infectious laughter of friends at a birthday bash, the heartfelt moments of a wedding celebration, or the joyous atmosphere of a carnival, our photo booth becomes a hub for unforgettable experiences. The inclusion of props and filters ensures that each snapshot is not just a photo but a unique, personalized masterpiece that reflects the individuality of the event and its attendees. Our commitment to seamless integration with social media platforms adds a modern twist to the timeless charm of printed photographs. With the need for WiFi, guests can instantly share their captured memories, spreading the joy beyond the event itself.

This feature not only enhances the overall experience but also contributes to the online presence of the event, creating a buzz and excitement that extends beyond the immediate attendees. Weddings are a particular highlight for our photo booth, as guests can contribute to a personalized collection of moments for the newlyweds. The ability to take fun and candid pictures adds an interactive element to the celebration, creating an engaging and lively atmosphere.

Our commitment to perfection is evident in the meticulous inspections during both setup and teardown, guaranteeing that every detail is attended to with precision. The ease of operating our photo booth, akin to a cell phone, makes it accessible to all guests, regardless of age or technological familiarity. It seamlessly integrates into the festivities, encouraging even the most reserved attendees to let loose and capture moments of joy. We believe in creating an inclusive and entertaining atmosphere, and our photo booth is a testament to that commitment.






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