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Outdoor party rentals are perfect for a backyard day of fu. Order a few and have a community event. Outdoor party rentals are a wonderful addition to any family reunion, church, or school event. When you are looking to throw a large party or thinking about just having some friends over for a little fun, outdoor party rentals are perfect. We offer table and chair rentals, bounce house rentals, and event tent rentals. All of our rentals are safe to use as outdoor party rentals. We work with individuals or organizations to set up your graduation parties, picnic fun, baby showers, wedding, and more. If you are thinking about having an outdoor event, outdoor party rentals can be just the thing.

All of our outdoor party rentals are maintained and inspected by the state. We clean everything after each use. We want only the best outdoor party rentals to come from Florida Tents and Events. It is important that when you are thinking about having a party you organize it and plan for it.

No need to worry about the entertainment, we can bring it all, including the tents, tables, and chairs. Pick a date and we'll arrive before the guests. We set everything up for you and will be back to pick it back up. This makes children's birthday parties, graduation parties, and just about any outdoor event easy for our clients. We understand that there is a lot of planning that goes into some of these events. It can be overwhelming and exhausting but we are here to help. We work with people to get them the outdoor party rentals that they need, on time and on budget.
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Take a look around and you'd be surprised what you can rent these days. Yes, we have some of the best selection of outdoor party rentals in all of Orlando. We want to be the best in the area and it shows with all of our guys. By taking great pride in our company we offer amazing outdoor party rentals that arrive clean and on time with a smile. We are happy to be in the outdoor party rental business.

If you are looking to have some good clean fun this weekend, give us a call. We offer a wide selection of outdoor party rentals that cover kids' parties to graduation and everything in between. We also offer entire carnival rentals with concession rentals too. Don't have another boring weekend, liven it up with some bounce houses and water slides.

Our water slide rentals are really popular in the summertime. They are a great way to entertain the kids for hours. Don't have your kids hot and bored all summer, get them some rented bounce houses and water slides to play on. We also work with corporations, schools, and churches.

Don't hire just a guy with a truck and a bounce house. Hire the professionals that come with state-inspected equipment and business insurance. We are professional and it shows in everything we do for our clients. Our business's reputation is important to us and our dedication to the industry is top-notch. Go with the professional and get some outdoor party equipment today.