4 Player Human Wrecking Ball

4 Player Human Wrecking Ball

    • Actual Size: 25'x25'x16'
    • Setup Area: 27'x27'
    • Outlets: 2

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If you are looking for a little bit more adventure than just simply bouncing around in an inflatable rental in Clermont FL , then the 4 player human wrecking ball is the perfect game to add to your party Rentals or event .  This is a game that up to 4 players can play along and find the champion in the crowd.   The object goes something like this.  There are four inflated pads in all the four corners of the inside of the inflatable bounce house.  Once it is completely inflated, there will be an inflated floor that is there to catch your fall.  

The wrecking ball is hanging in the middle of the room and is handed to one player to get started.  This ball is then hurled across to try to knock the other player off of their inflated pads.  The ball will continue to swing back and forth for the various players to try to catch before they are knocked off their inflated pad.  The last one standing is the champion of that round. We love to see Obstacle Course Rentals at our events. 

This can be done in a variety of ways.  The game could be a "tournament" where the score is kept and the winners complete or it could be done just for fun.  The 4 players' human wrecking ball game is certainly a lot of fun for those that like to complete.



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