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Hungry Hippo Chow Down Game

Hungry Hippo Chow Down Game


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1 day rental $495.00
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Setup Area: 32'x32'x10'

Actual Size: 30'x30'6'

Monitors: 2

Outlets: 1

Age Group: All Ages


Have you ever played the board game Hungry Hungry Hippo?  Well, this Inflatable Rentals is very similar to that, if you haven't, not a problem, we are happy to show you how it's done.  First, we will have to have four participants.  These participants have attached the game via bungee cords.  This is what makes it more fun.  They are trying to get as many balls as they can from the center of the game into their pouches.  There are different strategies to do this, which is always interesting to see.  Some take as many as their hands can hold back, while others go one at a time.  It doesn't work to throw the balls as they will simply land at your feet, but that might take a few contestants to try to figure this out.  Each contestant is a different color.  There is Orange, Red, Blue, and Yellow.  they will have to get their balls back to their bags first. You will need someone to referee this game, as it can get a little crazy.  While we are happy to provide you with a referee, you can also appoint someone.  The first that gets all their balls in their bag, wins!  It is that simple.  But, it is so much fun!! While we love Hungry Hippo Chow Down Game, we are certain that you will as well.  This is a fun game for those parties that are rather large in size as 4 people can go at one time.  This keeps the lines moving and people not only like to play the Hungry Hippo Chow Game but they like to watch as well. This inflatable game pairs great with the wrecking ball too. 


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